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Three Things To Consider Prior To A Home Remodeling Project

Whether you're adding a new bathroom or a whole new wing, a home remodeling project is always exciting. Yet those who don't plan sufficiently often find themselves feeling much more stressed out than they should. If you have plans to undertake a remodeling project soon and would like to arm yourself with some important information, read on. This article will introduce three frequently overlooked issues to discuss with your contractor.

Plumbing Interruptions

The large majority of remodeling projects involve plumbing in some manner. Even if new plumbing isn't being installed, your existing plumbing system may still have to be shut down to accommodate certain changes. Don't find yourself unpleasantly surprised when this happens. Instead be proactive about discussing the project's schedule ahead of time with your contractor.

Plumbing interruptions often involve the main water valve being closed completely, thus blocking the water supply to your entire house. This may prove to be more than just an inconvenience. Especially in older homes, problems often arise when the main water valve is opened back up again. As the water rushes back into your plumbing system, its force often dislodges corrosion and/or sediment that can cause unforeseen clogs and back-ups.

Make a point to voice this concern with your contractor, and to make sure that there is a contingency plan in the event that such a problem arises.

Portable Toilets

Even relatively simple remodeling projects can involve an unexpected number of workers, a fact which can cause plumbing problems of a whole other type. Not to put too fine a point on it, but those workers are going to need access to a bathroom throughout the course of their work day. And unless you're okay with making your inside bathrooms available, you're going to need to make arrangements for portable toilets.

Make sure that your contractor knows where you stand on this issue. If you would rather have workers use porta-potties, be sure to discuss the location of these toilets with your contractor. Likewise, be sure to determine how often they will be serviced. To avoid unwanted odors and other sanitary concerns, this should happen at least once a week.

HVAC Changes

It's important to consider the effect that your remodeling project will have on the HVAC system already installed in your home. If you are increasing the square footage of your living space by a great enough amount, your current system simply may not be adequate to accommodate these changes. Consult an HVAC sizing chart to estimate the degree to which your heating and cooling needs may change. Then chat with your contractor about whether they intend to undertake the needed changes themselves. Click here for more information.