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Eavestrough Installation Mistakes Every DIY Homeowner Should Avoid

The eavestroughs that are affixed at the overhang of your roof serve the valuable purpose of capturing rainwater and moisture and wicking it away from your home to an appropriate destination. While installing new eavestroughs is perhaps one of the simplest DIY tasks you can tackle as a homeowner, the task can involve some pretty common mistakes. before you pack out the ladder and gather your supplies, there are a few common mistakes you should get to know and try to avoid while you are installing your own eavestroughs

Mistake: Situating the eavestroughs at the wrong pitch. 

Why? If you never install gutters or pay careful attention, you may not notice that even though eavestroughs appear to run flush with the edge of the roof, they are actually just slightly tilted. If the eavestroughs are straight and level, it makes it difficult for the water to flow against gravity to get to the drainage downspouts. Each section of eavestrough installed needs to be pitched ever so slightly to encourage water to drain toward the downspouts. 

Mistake: Not appropriately installing hangers with enough space in between each one. 

Why? Once you have taken all of the necessary time to ensure that every section of eavestrough is appropriately pitched to encourage proper drainage, you have to install hangers to hold the pieces in place. If you don't space the hangers out enough to provide ample support across every unit, all of the time you spent making sure everything is pitched just right will be a waste. Without support hangers spaced at even intervals, the eavestroughs can sag and bow when they fill with water and stay that way permanently over time. Make sure you take the time to evenly space out the hangers you use for support. 

Mistake: Bending or damaging the eavestroughs during the installation process. 

Why? One reason a lot of homeowners prefer vinyl eavestroughs is because they are flexible and difficult to damage. These units are also a lot easier to install without causing any damage. However, the same cannot be said for aluminum eavestroughs because they bend very easily. A missed hit with a hammer or drill, a sudden slap of a ladder, or even just a slip of your hand can cause a dent that is almost impossible to reverse without it still being noticeable. If you are installing aluminum gutters, you have to treat each piece with kid gloves and watch every move you make to avoid causing damage. To find out more, speak with a business like Calgary Rainy Day Exteriors Ltd.