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Benefits Of Adding A Sunroom To Your Home

Sunrooms are typically added to increase the amount of natural light a house receives. They also allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while within the comfort and privacy of your home. These rooms are among the most versatile in a home because they can be used for whatever purpose you want or need. In addition to versatility, sunrooms offer several other benefits.

Multi-Functional Rooms

Although sunrooms are commonly used as a location to grow plants and as a place to enjoy them while relaxing and entertaining indoors, they can also be used as exercise rooms, playrooms for children, home offices, family rooms, arts & crafts rooms and more.

Sunrooms can also be used to create a year-round spa with the installation of a hot tub or sauna, or both if space permits. Having an in-door spa allow you to have a spa experience even during the coldest weather.

Take Advantage of Your Home's Best View

Since sunrooms are surrounded by glass, they should be built where the view is the best. Highlight this great view by coordinating the room's interior elements with the natural beauty of the outside view. Ideally, the sunroom should look and feel as much like a natural extension of the outside as possible.

Choosing the right style of windows and doors will help ensure that your sunroom meshes well with your home's exterior. The windows and doors will be some of the most visually striking parts of your sunroom when viewed from the outside, so, take your time when choosing them for the most pleasing and uniform results.

Year-Round Temperature Control   

Maximize the use of your sunroom all year by balancing the interior temperature during the summer and winter months. For instance, have radiant floors installed to help keep the room warmer during the winter.

For both summer and winter, insulated windows can help stabilize indoor temperatures. Exterior house paint that reflects the sun's heat can also help reduce the build up of heat in your sunroom.

For the best ventilation, have both fixed windows and windows that can be opened installed. To control the amount of heat that enters your sunroom, install windows with strong energy efficient ratings. Also consider having all the glass on the windows and doors coated to help reflect the heat.   

Increase Your Dining and Entertaining Seating Options   

The final design of your sunroom will depend on whether you plan to use it as a place to eat.  If you don't have enough seating in your kitchen or dining room, locate your sunroom near them to expand your seating options.    

This expanded seating area can be portable, where you add easy-to-move seating only when needed. Or, you can create a permanent seating area that includes sofas with matching chairs, coffee tables, and end tables.   

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